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Flex cup reviews – Does Flex period cup Work?

flex cup review

Are you looking to buy a flex menstrual cup to take care of your body during your monthly period? In this article, I will give my honest review about the flex cup and my recommendations. 

I have been using flex fits menstrual cup for the past two months. So, if you are thinking or considering buying this brand, this review is for you.

Flex Menstrual Cup Review

Personally, I have struggled with flex menstrual cup for two cycles, and the situation was really awkward. The most challenging part of using the cup is the removal process. 

It feels terrible when you have your blood spilling all over your body. It becomes worst if done in a public toilet.

Most flex menstrual cup users said it’s quite different from the average period cup, and insertion/removal is difficult. Many flex cup customers relate to this kind of experience.

Does Flex period cup Work?

In my opinion, flex period cup work for some people and also not suitable for people like me. According to Customer M. ( I won’t reveal her name)

She said she has been struggling with this cup; the first time she tried inserting the flex cup, it was super hard. 

The softness of the pull tab makes it difficult for her to adjust after insertion, and most time, when she tries to pull it to release suction, it messes up everything.

Another issue with using this flex cup is the inability to maintain suction. When you try to bear down to pee, it loses suction, and blood will start pouring over your body.

Definitely, you can’t poop with the flex cup inside of you because it will lose suction and may fall out into the toilet.

Is Flex menstrual cup good?

Is Flex menstrual cup good?

The Flex menstrual cup may be suitable for some people, but based on personal experience and feedback, some people complained they find it difficult inserting/removing in their vag.

The flex menstrual cup is designed to be easily removed, but the silicon is made heftier, making it harder to stay in one place.

How long does the flex Cup last? 

Depending on the flex cup’s size and your flow, it may last up to 8 hours. If you have a heavy flow, it may go for 4hours. However, I always fear the cup will overflow and leak out.

I will suggest using it alongside period panties during your heavier day or using the leak proof panties if you don’t feel comfortable with the cup. 

Does Flex Cup leak?

The main reason why the flex cup leak is when it doesn’t fit properly, which causes losses of suction and leaking. 

The issue with the flex cup is that it quickly loses suction. If you misplace the cup, it will cause menstrual leakage.

Beginners may find it difficult to properly insert the cup because it involves some little skills to use it properly. 

You may avoid this problem by using menstrual pants, the best alternative to a flex cup.

How do I get rid of Flex cup?

Getting rid of a flex cup from your vag may seem easier, but it messes up your body if it’s not properly done.

As you get familiar with your flex cup, it becomes much easier. To get rid of the cup, I recommend doing it in the shower or sit over a toilet. Slowly pull the tailed ring to release the suction. 

Is flex or Diva Cup better?

I have used both flex and Diva cup; they work the same way. However, a flex cup works better for ladies with a high cervix because the cup has a pull tab (like a tail), making it easier to pull out. 

Diva cup has long “V-shaped” with extra length makes it easier for ladies with a high cervix when getting rid of the cup.

Can you sleep with a flex cup?

Flex fits suggest you can sleep, swim, and exercise wearing a Flex cup. If you’re using a flex cup for your period, I recommend using period panties while sleeping as the cup may lose suction and leak out.

Can you reuse a flex cup?

Yes. Flex cup is reusable. When you are through with your flex cup, rinse it in warm water or use a sanitizing wipe. Once the cup is dry, you can re-insert it or store it in a bag.

Can you buy flex in stores?

Yes. Flex cup is sold in major retail stores like Target, H-E-B, CVS, Amazon, and other retailers across the US

Where to buy flex Fits cup?

Flex cups are sold on Amazon, Walmart, and Flexfits website. For more information, services, and customer services team, you can reach them on their website

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